Bilingual Services


Do you have a text in Spanish, Portuguese or French which you need translated into English?

Whether you want a literal translation of a legal text, a more creative translation of a marketing text or something in between, I'll produce an English version which perfectly meets your requirements.


Have you already had your Spanish, Portuguese or French text translated into English and want to have it checked by a second translator (to make sure no errors have crept in)?

I'll compare the original and English documents and correct any mistakes.


Have you put your text through a machine translator (such as Google Translate), and now you want to give it a human touch or check how accurate the English version is?

I'll fix any errors and make the English version sound natural.

Project Management

Do you have a text in a language other than Spanish, Portuguese or French which you wanted translated into English? Or do you need your text translated into another language? Does your project involve many languages?

You may not know how to go about recruiting translators who are qualified for the job, or you may prefer not to have to repeat instructions or deal with lots of queries. If this is the case, why not consider hiring me as your project manager?

I'll identify qualified translators for your project and liaise between you, so you have one point of contact and as little stress as possible.

Monolingual Services


Have you got a text in English which you want checking for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors? Perhaps you aren't a native English speaker, and you want to make sure that your text sounds natural.

I'll improve your text so it reads well and contains no errors.


Do you have a text in English which is going to be published? Do you need it to conform to a particular style guide?

I'll check for consistency in your choice of words, punctuation and general style as well as querying any sections which are unclear, before doing a final proofread.