Language Services for Schools

The world of marketing and admissions is fast-paced and competitive. You have targets to meet for recruiting international students and competitor schools are starting to use translated marketing materials. You can see the benefits.

It would be great not to have to rely so heavily on agents in international markets. And who wouldn’t prefer to read information in their own language if they’re sending their children to school in another country? But you have no idea where to start and don’t have the time to figure it out. Plus, you recruit in several countries and the thought of dealing with different translators for each language feels like a hassle.

I get it. As a former school and university administrator with experience of admissions, I understand your priorities and pressures.

I help UK independent schools recruit students internationally by guiding them through the translation of their marketing materials and managing their projects. Unlike most translators, I have experience of the UK independent school sector as both a student and a member of staff. That means I know how much your school has to offer prospective students and how hard it can be to help them see that.

If you want to recruit students internationally and recognise that translation would make it easier, here’s how I can help.

Tessa Nichols, Director of Marketing and Admissions

Wycliffe College

Working in the education sector, the language has to be very precise and so we were concerned about how we could ensure this would be right. Nothing was too much trouble! Susie always got back to us really quickly. Highly professional and extremely accommodating. Absolutely sticks to budget and deadlines (and often delivers early!).