I know how much your school has to offer, and I will help you convey that to prospective students and their parents. How? I have a network of qualified, professional translators working with all the languages you need.

I understand the UK independent school system.

As a former administrator in schools and universities in the UK and abroad, I know the world of education. Having worked in both admissions and operations at an independent school in Gloucestershire, I am uniquely placed to act as your gateway to the translation industry.

I will save you money.

As a freelance project manager hiring translators for your marketing materials, I don’t have the same overheads as a translation agency. That cost saving is passed on to you, meaning more money in your marketing budget for other things.

I will handle all the languages you need.

With my extensive network of colleagues working in the translation industry, you can leave it to me to find qualified translators for any language you need. Russian? Mandarin? Thai? Latvian? I’ve managed projects working with all these languages in the past. I’ll be a single point of contact for you, saving you the headache of remembering who works in each language or answering the same questions over and over again.

I’m responsive and efficient.

I know you have strict deadlines due to upcoming recruitment events or admissions cut-offs. You can come to me with a tight deadline and I’ll make it work, delivering high-quality translated content when you need it most.

Curious about how I could help you? Get in touch.