Language Services for Academics

As an academic, you have constant demands on your time. When you’re not teaching or fulfilling your admin duties, you’re supervising PhD students or applying for funding. Somehow, you also have to find time to do publishable research for highly ranked international journals. Tenure depends on it. Perish the thought that you might actually want to spend some time with your family besides all that!

I get it. My partner is an academic and I’ve worked with academics for years.

I help behavioural and political scientists publish their research in leading journals through copy editing, proofreading, and translation services. Unlike most translators and editors, I have personal and professional experience of the world of academia. That means I know how hard it is to publish your research while managing all your other time commitments and a limited budget.

If getting your research published is the most difficult part of your job, here’s how I can help.

Dr Blaine Landis

UCL School of Management

Susie has done copy editing for several research papers and she has been outstanding every time. She's very communicative, professional, and thorough. It's also helpful that she checks all the citations and references to ensure that they're accurate in the paper. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for top-notch copy editing work!

Catherine Whittaker

CISRUL, University of Aberdeen

Susie's translation services were essential to our research dissemination strategy across highly-specialised, English- and Spanish-language academic audiences. We found her to be a quick learner, highly motivated, time-efficient and professional. The texts we sent her were particularly difficult to translate, in light of the specialist terminology and contextual specifics involved, but Susie rose to the challenge, and we were impressed with her work.

Dr Héctor Núñez

Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE)

Susie helped me by editing my research proposal for a grant application, and she definitely improved many of my ideas on the page. At this point I know that I have got through the first selection stage. My request was urgent for the next day, and Susie sent me the edited document on time. She was also completely willing to answer any questions I had. I most certainly recommend her.