I know the impact your research could have on the world if you could get it published. I can help turn your work into something readers will understand, because I speak both your language and theirs.

I take an interest in your work.

You might be worried that the person you hire won’t have enough knowledge of your subject to competently convey your research. I’m genuinely interested in the fields of behavioural and political science, meaning I enjoy reading the papers I work on and will ask questions if I don’t understand something. I’m also keen to get your feedback so that I can learn from it and improve.

I meet tight deadlines.

I value your time, so you can rely on me to deliver your manuscript when you need it. My clients frequently cite efficiency as being one of my best qualities, because I handle quick turnarounds when it matters.

I work on texts in Spanish or English.

Short on time to write your paper, but need to get it submitted to a journal quickly? Get it down in Spanish and I’ll translate it for you. Most concerned about price but you can afford to take your time? Write in English and I’ll copy edit your paper to improve the style and flow. In other words, I’m flexible. Translation or copy editing – we’ll decide on a project-by-project basis according to your needs.

I’m comfortable communicating in Spanish.

Worried that you’ll struggle to communicate with a native English copy editor, and that any questions that arise will be difficult to answer? Stick to Spanish then. We can do everything in Spanish if you like, from initial contact to queries on your paper (even if it’s written in English).

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what others have to say.