If you've worked with me and were happy with the service I provided, would you consider writing a testimonial of your own?

"I recommend Susie 100%. It's very difficult to find translators of this quality, and Susie's work is excellent. She protects not only the syntax and grammar but also the style of the original language, and she manages difficulties in meaning very well. She does a very professional and honest job, taking an interest in the text and discussing it with the author to produce exemplary work!"

Norma Muñoz del CampoUniversidad de Santiago de Chile, USACH

Spanish to English translation, May 2019

"Susie proofread and edited one of my research articles. She did a great job at making sure that the sentences were clear and the ideas and wording were consistent throughout. This definitely improved the chances of the article being published in a highly ranked journal. Thanks Susie."

Dr Zahra Murad, University of Portsmouth

English editing, April 2019

"One of my colleagues at the university recommended Susie to me for translation. I was not disappointed. In fact, I decided to take the time to write these lines to fully and unreservedly recommend her work as a translator. Susie translated a news article from Spanish to English for me, and she carried out the task diligently. She finished in less than a day, and the translation was impeccable. Her knowledge of the nuances of language is extraordinary."

Javier Treviño, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE)

Spanish to English translation, April 2019

"Susie worked on the Spanish to English translation of a large international development report, as part of a team of translators. I found the quality of Susie’s work to be superb, but, just as importantly, her communicativeness, teamwork and punctuality were also second to none. I hope I’ll get to work with Susie again in the very near future!"

Jo Rourke, Owner, Silver Tongue Translations Ltd.

Spanish to English translation, December 2018

"Susie helped me by editing my research proposal for a grant application, and she definitely improved many of my ideas on the page. At this point I know that I have got through the first selection stage. My request was urgent for the next day, and Susie sent me the edited document on time. She was also completely willing to answer any questions I had. I most certainly recommend her."

Dr Héctor Núñez, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE)

English editing, October 2018

"Susie is an excellent editor and I have worked with her on many projects. She has a great attitude and always returned quality work on time. I look forward to working with Susie in the future, and I highly recommend her for anyone who is searching for a capable and professional editor."

Adam Strott, EveryMundo

English editing, September 2018

"I am so happy I have found Susie. She is perfect for what we need: great writer/editor/proofreader, delivers on time, and is super friendly and helpful to work with. I look forward to working with her many more times and highly recommend her to anyone in need of a great English proofreader/editor."

Ida Hemmingsson-Holl, Planet Plant-Based

English proofreading, September 2018

"I highly recommend working with Susie. I needed help with some editing for an article I submitted to a very prestigious journal in my field. She made the time to revise my article within the short time-frame I had, and helped me to improve the style. I am grateful to have found her. Without a doubt, I will continue relying on her for future work."

Dr Víctor Hernández Huerta, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE)

English editing, June 2018

"I had no concerns about working with Susie. She is professional, punctual and reliable, but my favourite part of working with her is that she is a yes person!"

Annalisa CazzolaBabel S.a.s Italy

Spanish to English translation, Portuguese to English translation & French to English translation, May 2018

"Working in the education sector, the language has to be very precise and so we were concerned about how we could ensure this would be right. Nothing was too much trouble! Susie always got back to us really quickly. Highly professional and extremely accommodating. Absolutely sticks to budget and deadlines (and often delivers early!)."

Tessa Nichols, Director of Marketing and Admissions, Wycliffe College

Project management, April 2018

"If you need anything translated from French to English, I would highly recommend working with Susie. She's a gem and I'm very grateful I found her! I tried a few translators before her but I wasn't happy with the quality of the work - it was either very much like Google Translate or the quality of English wasn't satisfactory. My business is quite niche (French equestrian fashion) and I needed a smart translator able to take on the vocabulary of the industry. I gave her a few pointers and she did an excellent job. I really like her style of writing - it's fluid and clear. She is very nice and great to work with - all our communication was easy. She takes feedback on board and was helpful in suggesting ideas/improvements on the initial materials (she picked up a few typos which no one had picked up on). Overall I really enjoyed working with her and would recommend her to anyone who needs text translated from French to English! Thanks again!"

Claudia Luck-Rodriguez, Alexandra Ledermann Sportswear

French to English translation, February 2018

"It was my first time writing a book. It is a long process and you inevitably miss some points during the development of the content. Susie helped me detect these points and correct inconsistencies, besides doing heavy and careful line editing. I’m looking forward to more of her meticulous work in the future."

Nagi An, http://bynagi.com/

English editing, February 2018

"Susie has done copy editing for several research papers and she has been outstanding every time. She's very communicative, professional, and thorough. It's also helpful that she checks all the citations and references to ensure that they're accurate in the paper. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for top-notch copy editing work!"

Dr Blaine Landis, UCL School of Management

English editing, February 2018

"We wanted someone capable of quickly aligning with our tone of voice and with understanding of what our standards are. Susie is very reactive, the service is qualitatively high and we feel we have raised the overall quality of our productions. Recommended if you need someone who specialises in UK English."

Production Office @ G-COM

English editing, February 2018

"Being a translator and the owner of a translation company, I have worked with many native English translators over the last 3 years and Susie is one of the best I have had the pleasure to work with. I really hope we can keep working together, given that she is very reliable and accurate."

Laura Badilla, Hanami Producciones Ltda.

Spanish to English translation, July 2017

"Susie is a fantastic translator and proofreader – we have worked with her on many occasions and she is always thorough, professional and attentive. Thus far, we have had no need to query any of her work – she is an outstanding linguist and a pleasure to work with."

Carrie Wilson, Linguistica International

Spanish to English translation, French to English translation & English proofreading, July 2017

"Susie is a pleasure to work with. We required the unique combination of a native English speaker with near-perfect European Portuguese comprehension and Susie didn't disappoint. Hope to work with her again very soon. Obrigado Susie!"

Joel Rendall, Practice Portuguese

Portuguese and English transcription, February 2017

"After almost two years of constant work, I can say with confidence that Susie always primes for excellence, managing time in the best possible way, and making sure I’m fully satisfied. The chemistry is so good that Susie has been able to map my way of writing, using this as an advantage to conclude her work to a high standard and according to my needs. I’d recommend Susie without question."

Fábio Karam, Tenerife Travel Secrets & Family Travel Secrets

Spanish to English translation & English proofreading, January 2017

"Susie was amazing to work with! She completed the work with attention to detail and in a quick manner. Meanwhile she took into account all the specific requests we had. We would hire Susie again and cannot recommend her enough to others!"

Nick Mulkens, OuiFlash

French to English translation, January 2017

"I met Susie at a professional event and was impressed by the languages she covered. I contacted her some weeks later with regard to a project requiring French and Portuguese translations for medical purposes. She responded within an hour to confirm receipt of the request and then provided a quote just half an hour later. Susie asked pertinent questions about the job beforehand and delivered high-quality texts well ahead of schedule. She was very communicative and very professional throughout the process, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again."

Lloyd Bingham, Capital Translations

Portuguese to English translation and French to English translation, January 2017

"What a find Susie is! She is exceptional! I'm so happy with her work and really didn't want to share this because I'm afraid everyone will steal her away from me."

Grace Kono-Wells, Keystrokes

French to English translation, December 2016

"Susie has provided excellent proofreading work for me on several occasions. I knew her before she founded SJ Language Services, and I trust her ability and service unreservedly. I have learned quite a lot from the proofreading work she has done for me - thank you so much Susie!"

Marco Li

English proofreading, December 2016

"Susie is generally very fast and is willing to do some proofreading at short notice if needed. She does a fantastic job and I'm always extremely happy with her work."

Kassandra Birchler

English proofreading, December 2016

"Susie does excellent work and she is on deadline. Her first experience copy editing book manuscripts was with us and she picked it up very quickly. I would trust her copy-editing judgment with any of our book projects at this point; she is thorough, thoughtful, and timely."

Jamie Vidich, Project Manager, Bookbright Media

English editing, October 2016

"Susie translates blog posts from Portuguese to English for our website. Before hiring a translator, it was important to me to find someone who would be able to translate slang properly but also use correct grammar. Susie is always quick to respond to my emails and she's very professional. The communication is great - she's always there when I need her!"

Andre De Rezende, 11 Virtual

Portuguese to English translation, September 2016

"Having worked with freelancers, journalists, copywriters and translators on behalf of all sorts of clients for several years, and as a former editor-in-chief, I know how rare top-class collaborators are. Susie is one of them. She did a legal translation for us involving complex software terminology, and the result is of incredible quality. Respect for deadlines when under pressure, communication that is frequent and perfectly clear and results which require no revision are signs of talent. I wish all service providers were like her! If you want excellent results that allow you to focus on your core business, look no further. For all our French to English translation needs, we now know who is our translator of choice."

Gil Lancrey, Manager, Agence Rédaction Web, Paris

French to English translation, September 2016

"Susie provided a very good quality translation within our deadline and on budget. We definitely recommend her work."

Kroll Ontrack

Spanish to English translation, August 2016

"Quick and efficient. Met the deadline and did a great job."

Matt G.

French to English translation, July 2016

"It's so easy to work with Susie. Do not hesitate to hire her because you won't regret it at all!"

Fabian Perree, Giùp

French to English translation, June 2016

"Within a few email exchanges you feel Susie is outstanding. You can ask her something above your own expectations and she will make it. She performed a very good technical (IT) translation, very quickly, and I will definitely ask her for a new equivalent job if needed."

Harold Chatenet, Index64: In memory key value store & Checkers by Itchigoo

French to English translation & English copywriting, May 2016

"Great experience working with Susie. High quality work first time. No revisions required."

Perfect Itineraries

French to English translation, May 2016

"I came to SJ Language Services with a very large and technical project. My business requires translations of old French language method books that have, until now, been left in their original language because the size of the job and technical knowledge required to translate them was just too great to be feasible. Susie Jackson was able to manage our first 330 page translation on a very reasonable budget and right on time with a surprisingly quick turnaround. The material was written in 19th century old French, and Susie's final English translation is an elegant synthesis of the nuance of the source text and a clear and uncluttered modern tone.

I hope that this is the first of many collaborations between our companies. Warm and inviting communication mixed with a budget friendly, timely delivery is a truly rare combination."

Timothy Quinlan, founder: qPress.ca

French to English translation, April 2016

"We are completely satisfied with Susie's services. She's always punctual, meticulous and delivers high quality translation. Say what you want to be done and Susie will do more than you expect!"

Goran Dimitriev, Vigor Translations

Spanish to English translation, April 2016

"We usually hire SJ Language Services for translating contracts and presentations. They're a good team and Susie is committed to our satisfaction. 100% professional and efficient."

Sergi Constant Núñez, Prosolbia

Spanish to English translation, April 2016

"Susie Jackson rocks! She has done a superb job translating my Spanish text into perfect American English. Thanks Susie!"

Sergi Mora, coachingbarcelona.cat

Spanish to English translation, November 2015